Presentation of iVocAudio

Have you ever wished you could do some simple things to sharpen your memory skills? If the idea of memorizing a long list of vocabulary words terrifies you, iVocAudio app will definitely be a perfect choice!

iVocAudio provides a fun and easy way to memorize things quickly using your own recorded Voice. What makes it different from using audio flash cards is that the app takes care of everything. You simply have to record your Q & A pairs with your iPhone’s microphone and then train until it finally gets stored into your brain.

The application is tailored for students willing to get an excellent mark at the exam or anyone who wants to learn Birthdays of friends and family, administrative codes, definitions, dialogues from favorite films, multiplication tables and many more… With the help of this outstanding app you will memorize data in the short or long run. No need to write or read in order to play, you can play wherever you want: in your car, on the beach, in bed at night or during your meal.

You'll find a video demo here:


  • Download existing iVocAudio folders from for free, import/export them and share via iTunes or e-mails,
  • Quick record question and answer pairs,
  • 5 options to listen to automatic answer to the question in any folder,
  • English/French/Turkish language support
  • Very detailed help section with tutorial videos


  • iVocAudio works with all iPhones and iPod Touches running version 4.0 software or later.

About the developer

Jean-Eudes Lepelletier is a french guy in his thirties who works as an engineer in automobile industry. He first developed iVocAudio for his own needs: 2 years ago he was sent in expatriation to Turkey with his family and had to learn very quickly Turkish language. He needed a tool that would make it possible for him to learn quickly and efficiently while driving in his car. This is how the first alpha version of iVocAudio was born in September 2010!

Now that iVocAudio became a worldwide success (it reached Top 3 in the AppStores of 4 countries already), Jean-Eudes decided to devote some time to improve it according to the feedbacks from users.

Available on the iPhone App Store Buy now$1.99