iVocAudio - Press kit

All the visuals about iVocAudio can be downloaded from below link:
Press kit

What press says about iVocAudio

"IvocAudio [...] is a very intuitive and practical app for everyone from students learning a language to adults traveling abroad. [v1.0]"


"Try the app out if you have anything to study that can be reduced to pairs of facts, you will not be disappointed." - "The app is rock solid and shows a lot of thought was put into its design" [v1.0]


"I especially like the fact that by creating the quizzes [my daughter] is getting in some extra study time."


"At Fun Educational Apps we always like learning tools that can be tailored and custom made. It makes learning easy to manage and it allows you to review exactly what you need to learn."


"Integration of iVocAudio is the 21st Century way of reviewing and reinforcing skills."

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